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Interaction gaming

Interaction could be curative and at the same time can create a bond among the circle of golfers. Games are steadily used to market a console and can do so by both by exclusivity to a specific console or through the use of current common IPs that already have a robust following. Your buddy might […]

Huge New Kirby Warp Star Statue is Majestic, Wholesome

This is Niche Culture. In this column, we regularly cover anime, geek culture, and things related to video games. Please leave feedback and let us know if there’s something you want us to cover! In today’s world, increasingly filled with humans polluting the land and identity politics ruining normal conversations, Nintendo and HAL Laboratory’s long-running character […]

Plumbing Inside’s dystopian depths •

This article contains spoilers for the ending of Inside. Whether it’s teens baying for each other’s blood in The Hunger Games, Judge Dredd exploding hoodlums, or the jaunty nuked-out wastes of the Fallout series, dystopian worlds have long entertained us with doom-laden speculation and ultra-violent hijinks. They’re becoming ever more popular too. Following the inauguration […]