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High Rise Building Maintenance in London

The Cintec Anchor System

The Cintec Anchor System is a versatile method of structural reinforcement that is tailored to meet the specific strengthening and repair requirements of individual projects.

Cintec anchors are used in historical buildings, masonry bridges, monument repair, high rise building, retaining walls, and harbor walls.

These are just some of the areas a Cintec anchor can be used.  Cintec anchors can stabilize and strengthen an un-reinforced masonry structure with out the need of external and internal steel bracing.

Types Of Survey D P M Routinely Carry Out:

  • High Rise Surveys – structural
  • Brick / Concrete Tests
  • Endoscope Surveys
  • Photographic Surveys of High-Rise Blocks
  • Structural Reinforcement Anchors
  • Stitching Anchor Applications
  • Brick Reinforcement
  • Arch / Bridge Consolidations
  • Wall Tiles – Single Skin / Lateral Restoration
  • Stud Anchors

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